Thursday, 25 July 2013

Use Comments for Storing Large Amounts of Text

Excel was built to handle records of data that contain labels, values and formulas. Storing large amounts of text is not its priority meaning your spreadsheets can become long, wide and awkward.

Typically to accommodate bulk text columns such as for descriptions and notes you will make the column wider, apply wrap text to the cells, or a bit of both. These features can help, but another option available to you is to store the text in a comment.

By storing the text in a comment box it is only visible when you want it. By not storing it in a cell your spreadsheet remains easy to navigate and use daily.

Storing Text in a Comment

1. Select the cell you want to insert the comment to.

2. Click the Review tab on the Ribbon and then New Comment.

3. Delete the username from the box if you wish, and enter or paste the text you want to use.

Insert text into a comment in Excel

4. Click outside of the comment box to apply it.

The comment is not visible, but can be seen by hovering your mouse over the cell containing it. A red triangle appears in the corner of the cell indicating the presence of a comment.

Triangle indicating a cell comment

Comments can also be used to store pictures. Pictures can also bulk your spreadsheets up making them cumbersome to use (Read how toinsert a picture into a comment box).

Comments can be viewed by using the Next and Previous buttons in the Comments group of the Review tab. This will take you through them one by one. The Show All Comments button can also be used to here to display them permanently.

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